3 must-do’s to increase the value of your home

Posted on: 02 Apr 2020


Selling your house is not an easy process and oftentimes, particularly in light of recent events, involves a lot of outlay before you make the sale. With money being spent on real estate agents, advertising, photographs etc, you want to make sure you are spending your dollars where it counts. Obviously making your home as desirable as possible is the end goal but there is no point breaking the bank, if you won’t recover the money/make a profit in the sale. Research in the Australian property market has consistently shown that there are 3 main areas of your house, where money spent (wisely) can go a long way towards closing a sale. In this article, we are going to cover some of the most inexpensive ways to make your home look like a million bucks but do it on a budget.

So, the 3 areas we are talking about, that buyers seem to pay attention to are the kitchen, the bathroom/s and the curb appeal/outdoor areas. Money and time spent in these spaces is never a bad idea and obviously, if you have the budget, you can expand on these ideas yourself, but let’s start with some basic, practical and cheap tips for making your home a more saleable property.

As a space that we spend a lot of time in, the kitchen is a good place to start your project. Homebuyers will tell you, the kitchen is often the first thing they look at when inspecting a property so making your kitchen feel warm, usable, cohesive and inviting is the key. It’s possible to spend a huge amount of money here but with less money spent in the right places, it’s still going to make a big difference.
Replacing your tapware, for instance, is a low-cost, high impact change and if you’re handy, you can save even more by doing this yourself. If DIY is your thing then adding a tiled backsplash in your kitchen will make buyers smile especially if there is a subtle pop of colour that works in harmony with the rest of the space. Alternatively, if your current backsplash is a dated tile already, you can use a tile resurfacing company to save money (and time) and make your old kitchen look like new again.
Storage in a kitchen is always a great selling feature so if you have the wall space, think about adding some floating shelves for that little bit of extra room for cookbooks, pots, spices… just about anything!

The next room that buyers will look over with a keen eye, is the bathroom. Now if you have 2 (or more) bathrooms in your house, try to think of them as feuding toddlers; what one has, the other must-have too. I am not talking about doing the same replacements in all your bathrooms as much as making sure that the 2 bathrooms “work” together. Think of them as pieces in a fashion show; they can’t be identical, but you can tell they belong in the same collection.
Replacing the tapware in here is a low-cost upgrade and affordable enough to do in multiple bathrooms (remembering to stick to our “unified design” concept).
Tile resurfacing can be done in the bathroom as well, but this will usually cost you more than the kitchen based on how much more tile is in the average Aussie bathroom.
A badly lit bathroom can feel dark and dingy so another great tip is to replace your light fixtures or design a lighting concept that includes mirror lighting or a very modern, brightly lit shaving mirror; anything that brightens the space will work.

Indoor plants are a low cost “zhush” that always make a bathroom feel like it belongs in a House & Garden magazine so don’t be afraid to add greenery. Pro-tip: Take the plants with you when you vacate the property and voila, your new bathroom already looks amazing. Bonus!

Australians love our outdoorsy lifestyle, so taking the time to make your property’s frontage and your back yard/patio areas look their very best is important. The best part about renovating or cleaning up these spaces is that most of it is manual labour which, if you’re motivated enough, is free if you do it yourself.
Edging your lawns, weeding your garden and trimming any unruly trees or bushes will only cost you time but will make your property look easy-care which is very attractive to buyers.
If you have a covered area or BBQ area, you can hire a high-pressure cleaner for a steal (if you don’t already own one) and give the whole space a thorough clean.
If you decide to do some planting to enhance your garden, try to keep it uniform and low maintenance; natives are always a fabulous choice as they are water-wise and hardy. Again, you can add potted greenery anywhere here for impact, knowing you get to take it with you to your next home.

The internet is the best friend of the home renovator in that if you have the time to scour some of the discount or factory seconds websites that exist, you can often find some hugely discounted prices on higher-end items. In a similar way, local eBay sellers and online marketplaces will often be the source of many fantastic finds and you can usually get just about anything second hand.
Any room will look better with a fresh coat of paint and if you are confident to do this yourself, you are only out the cost of the paint you use. If you don’t have time to paint the entire room, consider adding a feature wall instead.
Every house looks better when it is cleaned so room by room, spring clean your house; yes it’s time-consuming but it’s free and no potential buyer wants to see grimy baseboards or shower soap residue, so roll up your sleeves, get your clean on and sell that house!