Debt Waiver Case Samples

Posted on: 14 Nov 2018


In the last 6 months, the chances are you have considered writing a budget, thought about a personal loan to consolidate your debts, or needed help with debt. Negotiations is a highly effective way in assisting people with financial problems, without going into Bankruptcy.

Three case samples from many more clients we assisted in September:


$45,000 Debt Waiver

A couple with 3 dependants, both working fulltime. High LVR mortgage. Developed $81,000 in unsecured debt over the years with ANZ, WPC and Coles Mastercard. Maintained serviceability, yet struggled when an unexpected bill arrived. Within 5 weeks of negotiations, the unsecured debts were reduced to $36,000 from $81,000.


$153,400 Debt Waiver

Self Employed Marketing specialists with $205,000 in unsecured debt to all of the major banks and some minor creditors. The credit cards were used to prop up the business during a slump years ago, however has since struggled in servicing the enormous debt burden.Debts reduced from $205,000 to $51,600, within 4 weeks of negotiations.


$74,000 Debt Waiver

Single mother with 2 dependants, x partner left her with $74,000 in unsecured debt. One child is disabled which made fulltime work difficult. Debts with WPC, NAB, STG and Citibank reduced to Nil in 6 weeks of negotiations. Our service was pro bono in this case.

In all three cases, our clients credit reports were not defaulted. They paid no fee’s upfront and paid costs only when they were satisfied with the savings outcome. If our client is unhappy with the outcome, we waive our fee and they forfeit the savings.

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