What Makes Clients Champion Your Business?

Posted on: 24 Oct 2016


You put time and money seeking new clients, a common reason for broker burnout is the constant struggle searching for new clients. There are some brokers who spend very little marketing time seeking new clients and most of their marketing time harnessing old clients for good reason, it is far better value for money and time for you.

Good service

Most customer survey’s lists this as the number one reason for a good recommendation. If a client feels they have benefit and achieved their initial buyer outcome goals, then you have achieved in establishing an excellent basis for a long term business relationship with them. Without base building through excellent front end service, you will be stuck in a perpetual grind fest of client hunting to survive. Taking shortcuts, not doing the extra time in research, lazy decisions makes for a quicker deal -but you work twice as hard in finding deals. It pays to do it properly and with a smile. Also, give clients something to talk about by under selling and over delivering. It’s a popular method that gives people a pleasant surprise and get them talking about your service.


After sales service

This continues to satisfy with ongoing support This continues to rank high in client’s feedback. Clients will always have after service requirements and question’s; why should they call the bank with the question when they can call you? In time, you want to bet the bank will upsell your client to another product? Yep, guess who loses their trail? Be the go-to-expert for the client on mortgage matters and you’ll be the one to upsell the client. Be generous with your time and outsource less important tasks that may not be in your core skillset like IT, administration etc.


Product & industry knowledge

It doesn’t have to be said that we must know our jobs, there is no greater turn off than observing questionable conduct of a professional who should know better. Stay up to date on industry changes.


Your database

You build a database like a farmer nurtures and tills the soil, growth comes with time and effort. Birthday cards, email updates on interesting mortgage news, hints & tips, surveys etc. serves to keep your business top of mind for the client Don’t over till the land otherwise the client will be over you.


Connect with clients on social media

This is a clever way to kill two birds with one stone, that is it creates a two-way communication platform with your client. For example, client posts photos of an awesome snow trip -you respond with likes and comments. Additionally, the client can respond to your awesome industry updates thereby perpetuating your exposure to the client’s network of friends. What’s going on here is the client is building a professional and personal relationship with you, accordingly you are top of mind when a friend is looking for a broker.


Your well networked

Clients will always ask if you know a good lawyer, accountant etc. Build your specialist network of accountants, real estate agents, lawyers with different disciplines, they don’t have to be financial or legal related -psychologists and medical professionals can be handy too. If your referral is good then this magnifies your value to the client. As a bonus referral networks go both ways and you’ll increase the chance this professional will refer business to you too.


Ask for business

Some professionals refuse to ask for business as their either too proud or too timid to do so. There is two ways to ask clients for referrals, passive and active. A common passive example is placing “Recommend us if you like our business” on your email signature or make it know to clients through social media feeds & general correspondence that your business relies on referrals. An active method is considered more aggressive and can only work when there is solid rapport with the client; ask the client directly for referrals in the honeymoon period of post settlement. Some methods can be too aggressive however a favoured technique would be offer your client a business partnership arrangement or to become a ‘business ambassador’, you will provide X benefit to them for Y referrals/settlements.



Including a list of testimonials on your website can be an effective way to build trust – but those statements won’t mean much if it’s just “Bob from Byron Bay”. Ask your loyal customers for testimonials that can be directly attributed to them – including details like their job title and company. A client committing a testimonial in writing will increase referral chances, make sure you thank them for taking time out to write the testimonial.